Vividh Bharati service of All India Radio was planned around 1957  to compete with the then Radio Ceylon. Very soon Vividh Bharati turned out to be popular radio station, with around 15 hours of broadcasting.
Today Vividh Bharati broadcasts 24 hours a day.
Many of the old programmes of Vividh Bharati are still remembered, like Jaimala, Hawa Mahal, Chhaya Geet, Bhule Bisre Geet, to name a few.
Vividh Bharati broadcast  many programmes through out the day, in addition to these programmes Vividh Bharati carries special programmes celeberating the lives of famous personalities in music, movies and entertainment.  
Around 40 transmitters on Medium Wave, FM and Short Wave carry Vividh Bharati programmes  to listeners all over India. The powerfull 500 KW Short Wave transmitter covers virtually the whole of the country.
Vividh Bharati started a Digital broadcast (Digital Radio Mondial) on Short Wave in January 2009. The audio quality of this Short Wave  signal which can be heard over many parts of India is as good if not better than a  broadcast signal on FM.
All India Radio is going Digital in a big way, and is set to change the way radio is listened  to forever.
Vividh Bharati has it's main studio at Borivili, Mumbai, from where the programmes are uplinked via satellite to all the regional centres.
Many of these regional stations of Vividh Bharati  produce programmes in various local languages for their local listeners.

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